We believe that goals, not prices, should drive your appointments. 

This is why we have one flat rate for all our integrated massage appointments.  

Integrated Massage

60 Minutes


90 Minutes


120 Minutes

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60 Minutes

$355 / $675

90 Minutes

$475 / $900

120 Minutes

$617 / $1170

* 5 Pack / 10 Pack *

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Bridal Boot Camp

Approach your Wedding Day with a sense of Serenity, instead of being Stiff and Stressed.
 Our specialized series of 2 hour appointments will ensure that you approach your wedding day
looking and feeling your absolute best.
(Varying package sizes)
Each session is an integrative experience combining the following:
–  Lymphatic Massage to diminish puffiness around the face and shoulders.
–  Postural Massage to ensure you won’t look back at photos of yourself slouching at the altar!
–  Relaxation Techniques because sleeplessness before the big day is just not part of the plan . . .

**Lymphatic and Postural techniques work best when done more than once, in rapid succession.
This is why Bootcamps are only offered as packages. For optimal results,
Bootcamps are meant to be utilized in the 5-10 days leading up to the wedding.

3 Pack


5 Pack

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Couples Care DIY Massage Workshops

Ever wish you knew how to better help your partner when their aches and pains are flaring up?
(Or better yet, ever wish your partner knew how to better help You?)
This workshop-style session is for you!
Designed to show you the basics, you’ll never be intimidated by a backrub again.
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Mobile Appointments

Normal session rates apply, with additional Travel & Setup Surcharge*
We are currently unable to book mobile appointments through our online booking portal.
Please contact us to set up your mobile session.
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Travel & Setup fee for local appointments is $20.

Additional charge will be discussed for any sessions requiring more than 20 minutes of one-way travel.

Please find the “Is Mobile Massage Therapy Appropriate For Me?” (link here) on the Policies & Paperwork page
to assess if a mobile session is a suitable choice for you.