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May 2020

Lymphatic Drainage Massage


- Lymphatic Drainage Massage - - Because none of us are strangers to feeling puffy once in a while - Sometimes we notice puffiness after a deep tissue massage or hot stone massage. Sometimes we [...]

Lymphatic Drainage Massage2021-03-18T03:08:33-06:00

February 2020

Hot Stone Massage


- Hot Stone Massage - Heat has long been used as treatment for muscular pain and tension.  How many times have you whipped out that trusty old rice pack and thrown it in the microwave [...]

Hot Stone Massage2021-03-18T03:22:22-06:00

November 2019

Bodywork Basics


- Massage Therapy - An Extra or An Essential? (Hint: It's An Essential)  What we know about massage is evolving. The way we think about massage needs to evolve, too. Below is a list of [...]

Bodywork Basics2021-03-18T03:53:56-06:00

October 2019

Massage Cupping


- What To Expect When Your Massage *Sucks* - We've all seen those marks. The circles left by cupping are unmistakable. But what exactly IS massage cupping? What does it do? Why should you try [...]

Massage Cupping2021-03-18T18:49:31-06:00