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All of our standard appointments here at Summit are what we call Integrative.
We don’t ask you to pick a technique off a pre-set menu and hope it’s something your body responds well to: we use a variety of techniques and approaches as appropriate, to ensure that we’re always doing the right kind of work for your body and your goals. Some days that may mean a stress-relieving Swedish massage, and some days that may mean cupping and neuromuscular work.
It all depends on what YOU (both self and body) need at the time.
Cupping involves placing a “cup” on the skin in an area of tension or pain and creating a bit of a vacuum within that cup. The vacuum creates a suctioning effect on the tissue directly beneath the cup, which pulls nearby fluids (blood, lymph, etc) into the area. This increasing blood flow and metabolism in that area.
Cups can be applied at varying intensities and for varying times to encourage certain results. These results range from  helping to alleviate chronic aches & pains and muscle tension to mediating scar tissue,  headaches, stress, anxiety, depression, and even immune function. To learn more about cupping, read our blog.
The number one rule here at Summit is that pain is NEVER necessary to achieve results. We are not here to beat your body into submission. Instead, we are here to negotiate with your tissues and remind them that “tight” is not their native state.
The old mentality of “No Pain, No Gain” has been investigated from many angles: and has been shelved. Pain activates your “Fight Or Flight” response. When bodywork is painful, your body interprets the work as a threat, and responds appropriately. (ie stress hormones, elevated heart rate and blood pressure, increased muscle tone…essentially, all the things we’re trying to avoid.)
My goal is to bring you out of your “Fight or Flight” (sympathetic) mode and instead encourage “Rest and Digest” (parasympathetic). This lowers stress hormones and encourages production of Dopamine, Serotonin, Oxytocin (all the happy hormones!) instead. When you’re in parasympathetic mode, your muscles and fascia are not on the defensive. Instead, they’re ready and waiting to be reminded to let go of their tension and return to their normal resting state.
Glad you asked!
Listen, we all know that person that LOVES their deep tissue massage. I get it.
The research, however, is showing more and more that Stronger touch doesn’t equal Better touch…better touch equals better touch. If you have issues with your tissues and have suffered through deep tissue massages in the past “because they’re going to break things up in there” – I’d love to chat with you. We can discuss the newer / more evidence-based approaches and how to get results without beating you to a pulp.
If you are simply looking for a deep tissue massage because you enjoy the experience, I am not your girl, and that’s okay. I’d be happy to help you find someone in the area who better suits your needs.
Yes! We even have a bolster built specifically for prenatal clients that keeps both you and your precious cargo safe and comfy. Just book a normal New Client massage of your choosing, and include your pregnancy information on the intake form. We have a pen-and-paper prenatal waiver for you to sign in-office, but if you’d like to save time, you can get a copy here, sign it early, and bring it with you.
Good question. Currently our protocols include but are not limited to the following.
– There is extra cleaning time between every appointment. This allows us to sanitize the massage table, doorknobs, clipboards, tools, light switches &etc between every appointment.
– Clients are asked to wash hands before entering the studio (there’s a restroom across the hall).
– Masks are required for client and therapist for the duration of the appointment.
– Clients are expected to cancel appointments if they’re exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19, and reschedule as appropriate. Better safe than sorry.
6436 S Quebec St #110A
Centennial, CO 80111
We are in the northeast corner of Greenwood Executive Park just off Arapahoe/Quebec.

frequently asked questions

Not at this time.
The Summit Club Monthly Membership (SCMM) is a monthly membership that takes the planning out of your self-care schedule. You can enroll for a 60m, 90m, or 120m membership.
We auto-bill  you once a month, which prepays for the appointment of your choice. You will receive an email reminding you to schedule your appointment (with a direct link to our schedule).
No contracts, no cancellation fees, no strings. Additionally, unused appointments do not expire, and you are welcome to gift them to family members when you are feeling generous. Memberships can be purchased here.
Summit offers a “Date Night” appointment (available here, under Specialty Appointment). This appointment is an interactive workshop where couples have a chance to not only get on the table for some self-care, but also learn how to massage their partner. More information on this appointment can be found here.
*These workshops should not be confused with legitimate training in massage therapy. At the end of this appointment, you will have a basic understanding of how to give your partner some quality touch when they want a backrub. It is in no way meant to train you on “treating” injuries or chronic conditions.
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