Integrative Bodywork & Massage

All of our standard appointments here at Summit are what we call Integrative.
We don’t ask you to pick a technique off a pre-set menu and hope it’s something your body responds well to: we use a variety of techniques and approaches as appropriate, to ensure that we’re always doing the right kind of work for your body and your goals.
Some days that may mean a stress-relieving Swedish massage, and some days that may mean cupping and neuromuscular work.
It all depends on what YOU (both self and body) need at the time. Pricing is as follows.

60 Minutes


90 Minutes


120 Minutes

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**Prenatal Inquiries Please Note**
Yes, we absolutely offer prenatal here. No, it’s not a separate appointment. Just hop on the books for a regular appointment and notate the pregnancy details on your intake. You will be asked to fill out a prenatal waiver in-office, but that waiver is also available here if you would like to print it out and save time.


Specialty Appointments

Date Night Workshop

Rachel only has one set of hands: she cannot accommodate a true “couples massage.”
But let’s be honest…have you ever had a truly life-changing experience in a couples massage?
(Was that a No? I think I heard a No…)
The general point of a romantic couples massage is to encourage relaxation and intimacy Between The Partners.
The massage therapist is just the facilitator.

Here at Summit, we propose a new approach: Teaching the couple to give each other a decent backrub,
and cutting out the middleman entirely.

Bring your partner in for a workshop where we teach
you some bodywork basics.
The next time the two of you want to connect with each other through a backrub,
you won’t need to spend an arm and a leg to do it.
More information about this appointment can be found here.

60 minutes (time to teach ONE partner) – $95
120 minutes (time to teach BOTH partners) – $155

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Bridal Bootcamp

Approach your Wedding Day with a sense of Serenity, instead of being Stiff and Stressed.

Our specialized 2.5 hour appointment will ensure that you approach your wedding day
looking and feeling your absolute best.
Each session is an integrative experience combining the following:

–  Lymphatic Massage to diminish puffiness around the face and shoulders.
–  Postural Massage to ensure you won’t look back at photos of yourself slouching at the altar!
–  Relaxation Techniques because sleeplessness before the big day is just not part of the plan . . .

2.5 Hour Appointment – $200

**Lymphatic and Postural techniques work best when done more than once, in rapid succession,
if schedule and budget allow.
**For optimal results, we recommend attending Bootcamps in the final few days leading up to your wedding.

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A Day Trip Into The Mountains

Well-written description coming soon . . .
In the mean time, here’s a general summary:

– This appointment un-timed.
– We sit down and chat, we dive in, and we see where things take us.
– The session is over when either you tap out, or we can’t find anything else to work on.
– Summit will provide snacks, but you’re welcome to bring your own as well.

This appointment is about YOU, not the clock, so we work until YOU feel complete

$350 for the day.

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