Offering Specialized Bodywork & Massage Therapy in Centennial, Colorado.

Why should you choose Summit?

Summit Therapeutics stands apart because we offer an integrative approach to meeting your bodywork needs.

Your body is a complex system, different than anyone else’s.
Your unique mechanics, pain patterns, and lifestyle all impact what your appointments will look like, and which modalities will work best for you. Here at Summit, we listen to your body to create a specialized plan that empowers you to heal wholly and effectively.

We don’t believe in the old “no pain, no gain” mentality.
Instead, we believe in creating profound and sustainable change without injuring you in the process.

Additionally, we take the time to educate you about your body, and about what we’re doing and why.
We want to empower you to maintain your health, and that starts with helping you to understand it.

In summary, Summit Therapeutics is not a spa day: we are the place for conversation, adaptation, and healing.

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“Rachel is an excellent practitioner of her art, with incredible technical knowledge and expertise
that not only alleviates your ailments, but also puts you at ease and gives instant confidence.
She listens carefully, takes feedback well, and caters her techniques to expertly address your immediate aches and pains,
as well as working with you to develop long-term management and treatment strategies for trouble areas.
My girlfriend has been struggling with chronic pain and recovery from ankle surgery over a year ago.
After just an hour session with Rachel, she wept with joy, as she was able to walk pain-free that night for the first time in months.
We are forever grateful, and we cannot recommend Rachel highly enough!”

“Rachel made me feel incredibly comfortable and relaxed!
Not only are her massage skills amazing, she was a genuinely calming and pleasant presence.”

“I’ve suffered from neck and shoulder pain for years, and Rachel’s work has helped reduce my pain considerably!
The massages are great for working the pain out,
and her stretching routines and advice have have been tremendously helpful for keeping the pain away.
I can’t recommend Summit Therapeutics enough for genuinely effective massage therapy!”

“Rachel was absolutely wonderful.
Seriously the best massage I have had in a long while.
I will definitely be recommending her…”

“My massage with Rachel was one of the best I’ve ever experienced

Thank you!!!”

“Rachel seriously gave the best massage and took any feedback or preferences I had seriously
to make sure I had the best massage!
So good this lady! Her knowledge of anatomy! She’s down to earth! Yes!”

“Rachel was wonderful and gave special attention to the areas I mentioned.”

“Wonderful experience…should have these weekly.
Rachel does a great job, perfect pressure.”

“…Rachel was amazing!
She was able to let me relax but also work on my muscles that needed relief”

“Rachel was a fantastic massage therapist.
I had a lovely time…”

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