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** New Clients Please Note **
We are happy to chat with you about your bodywork needs before you book anything.
If you are reaching out to schedule an appointment, we are going to direct you to our online portal.
It knows our schedule better than we do most days. Plus it has up-to-date availability,
and will automatically prompt you with the intake forms and COVID waivers that we need for your file.
So schedule there as a new client to save time (and trees, yay!), and we will see you soon!


We don’t have a front desk staff here at Summit. It is just us, the massage team, so the phones are a bit slow around here.  Texting is usually a faster bet, as we can fire off exchanges between appointments instead of play phone tag all afternoon. Shoot me your questions and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

Opening Hours:
Sun   10a-7p
Mon   10a-7p
Wed   Coming Soon!
Tue   12p-7p
Fri   12p-7p

7425 E Peakview Ave
Centennial, CO 80111

Our office complex is a bit unique. If you have never visited us before, keep an eye out for the automated confirmation email when you book your first appointment. It contains directions to the studio and a photo of where to find us.

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    Did you know that Google gives preference to websites that fit their parameters – and one of those parameters is that there should be 300+ words on every page of the website?
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    So instead of bore you, we’ve hidden some of our favorite anatomy-related puns and dad jokes.
    “My kid is at the age where they’re curious about the human body…guess I’ll have to move it.” *grabs shovel*
    “I’m just a big pain in the butt” – Piriformis
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    What are the two most profane bones in the human body? The blas-femurs.
    After you die, what part of the body is the last to stop working? Your pupils: they dilate.
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